The Houli’s Hooley Podcast, Sat. April 18, 2020

Paddy Houlihan, Bill Houlihan, and Clay O’Brien

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal and Personal Injury Attorney Caroleann Gallagher present The Houli’s Hooley with Bill and Paddy Houlihan who are joined, as always, by their old pal, Clay O’Brien. It’s week 6 of Covid-19 and the guys are sick of it! Two new book ideas this week: ‘The panic of the pandemic’ by Paddy and ‘My life in sweatpants’ by Clay. Have you seen Glen Lerner’s new commercial? Billy and his Cool Ranch Doritos. Are you guys doing push-ups during Covid? ‘The Covid Junk Boys’ – a recycling business or a meth-fueled boyband? ‘Sanitize’ is their first LP. The guys even sing it for us, on the spot! The stimulus checks have started coming in. Paddy’s looking for his own office – an Egg Office. Keep an eye out for those cheap covid deals! Trump’s brother, the pottery maker. Clay gives us a taste of his infamous Vedder impression. Snow in April! The guys discuss the protests beginning across the country and come up with some quarantine games. Blago raps, ‘Rod’s boys’. The lads give us their end of Covid predictions. Virus deniers, crappy television and old school video games are some of the topics covered by our favorite lads. These 3 discuss the best Bulls and Cubs past teams and Paddy unleashes his new Goldblum impression. Their kids are getting into The Simpsons. Should the guys set up their own Youtube gamer channel? R. Kelly Bumps, also known as the RKB’s – have you been vaccinated for it? The guys go through the list of Chicago’s Best Podcasts and speculate why they’re not on it. Frankie Goes to Hollywood plays us out with ‘Relax’ this week.