Nothing better than an Irish audience

I’ve been traveling to Ireland every year consecutively since 2013, and just returned last month from my 10th trip back into the arms of Kathleen ni Houlihan. She never disappoints. Usually I’m lucky enough to have between a dozen and forty companions on these journeys but Covid kissed all that goodbye. Most people were too […]

Podcast Saturday August 11,2018

Flood Bros. Disposal presents The Skinny & Houli Show and this week we welcome old friend Mary Slowik and her friend Betsy Garbrecht from The Madonna Foundation. Mary is an alumnus of Madonna HS and she and Betsy talk up the great work of the Madonna Foundation. Established by the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago in […]

April 2016 Column from The Irish American News

Hooliganism By Mike Houlihan I had one beer on St. Patrick’s Day. Unusual I know. But I’d been guzzling gallons before it and by Paddy’s day itself I was hobbling around like a cripple with a cane. I was wounded. Why wouldn’t I be? In Chicago St. Patrick’s Day starts the day after Christmas for […]

December 2015 column from The Irish American News

Hooliganism By Mike Houlihan The spirit speaks louder in Ireland. Every trip to Eire reminds me that the spirits are leading me back. Like embracing a woman who tells you, yes, you are loved and cared for and all will be well. Kathleen ni’ Houlihan is her name and we’ve been carrying on this mad […]