Danahey on the Loose with Erin Mackey of Amazing Grace

A good many of us with Celtic roots best know Amazing Grace as a song every pipe and drum band must know and one that such bands play at funerals, particularly for firefighters and police officers. The story behind Amazing Grace is the subject of a musical of the same name now running at the […]

Danahey on the Loose at THE LAST SHIP

Despite its pedigree – with director Joe Mantello, writers John Logan and Brian Yorkey and choreographer Steven Hoggett all award-winners – I was prepared not to like “This Last Ship”, the musical heading for Broadway making its debut in the fall and running through July 13 at the Bank of America Theatre downtown. The reason: […]

Danahey on the Loose with cast from THE LAST SHIP & BRIGADOON

This summer, downtown Chicago stages will be lit for tales of Geordies building ships and Scots appearing from the mist. Hey, I had to at least try for lyrical rhymes as both plays are musicals. The former, “The Last Ship”, is the Broadway-bound show conceived by Gordon Sumner – otherwise known as Sting – which […]