St. Patrick’s Day 2022

The other night Saint Patrick was snoozing in heaven after falling asleep watching the TV show “The First 48” when the GOD PHONE next to his couch began insistently buzzing off its hook. St. Patrick stirred from his slumber and eyeballed the red phone, which hadn’t rung in many years. He mumbled to himself, “Uh […]

With Apologies to Finley Peter Dunne

The other night in a dream I was visited by the ghost of my ancient Irish mythological grandfather, Ferocious Frank O’Hooligan. Frank was a Chicago cop, born in Kilrush, County Clare, Ireland back in 1939. Ferocious Frank O’Hooligan, was the seventh son of Finbar and Mary O’Hooligan. The family emigrated to Chicago in 1946 where […]

Break out the Bobble-heads!

Chicago White Sox Director of Public Relations, Sheena Quinn, hit a home run this week with the announcement of their latest bobble head, “Cane-Guy”. This is the best news since the announcement of Minnie Minoso finally being inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame. “Cane-Guy” is Northbrook’s Rob Holt, the rabid septuagenarian White Sox fan who […]

Don’t Get Raunered!

Sometimes we find ourselves in the midst of a firestorm and wonder which way to turn. I’m excited about the candidacy of Jeanne Ives for Governor in the upcoming Republican primary on March 20th. She’s the only pro-life candidate in the race and is bringing a breath of honesty and grace to the millionaire pinball […]

Houli’s 69th Birthday!

Today is my 69th birthday! These days a proclamation like that could get me into trouble. But it’s legit, I was born on December 16, 1948. Soixante-neuf is how it’s pronounced in French, and the mere mention of that number has triggered wry smiles and raised eyebrows going all the way back to the Kama […]

Nothin’s on the Square

NEW BOOK PROVES POLITICS “AIN’T BEANBAG” “NOTHIN’S ON THE SQUARE: 82 DAYS ON THE MAYORAL CAMPAIGN TRAIL, MAKING HISTORY IN CHICAGO 2015” NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE AND WITH SELECTED RETAILERS. Chicago, IL – July 30, 2017- Wanna know what really went on behind closed doors during the 2015 Campaign? Here it is, in all its ugly […]

Amazing Sights in Chicago Mayoral Race, Kass Fired.

Irish fighters have been celebrated over several centuries because they were seemingly without fear. Some will say that’s just because they’re hard headed but certainly every tyrant knows that a man with nothing to lose is the most dangerous. Here in Chicago we’ll all be able to celebrate that Irish fearlessness in the upcoming mayoral […]

The Chuy Garcia 19th Ward Super Bowl Blitz

  Mayoral candidate Jesus “Chuy” Garcia plowed through the 5th largest blizzard in Chicago history to introduce himself to the Irish American community in a Super Bowl Sunday blitz of 19th Ward pubs yesterday. Decked out in the colors of his alma mater, The St. Rita Mustangs, Chuy starting shaking hands in The Cork & […]

March 2013 column from Irish American News

  Hooliganism By Mike Houlihan Believe it or not, some people don’t like St. Patrick’s Day. Jewish New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had to apologize a few years back for making some wise cracks about “drunken Irish” on the holy day. And who can forget the late Princess Margaret’s comment back in 1979 when […]