Podcast: September 23, 2017

Flood Bros. Disposal presents The Skinny & Houli Show and we’re delighted to have Eamonn Vaughan of Vaughan Hospitality on the show to talk about his career in the Irish Pub business, he owns six of them! Eamonn tells us how his parents brought him over on “holiday” from Ireland many years ago and he is still here using the lessons taught at his mom and dad’s knee sweeping the floor of their tiny little “Old Style” pub that they turned into a gold mine. Today he and his brother Kevin oversee a dynasty of Irish pubs and Eamonn tells us how the game has changed since those days. He’s also a sponsor of Houli’s Third Annual Irish American Movie Hooley kicking off next FridaySat, and Sunday at The Siskel Film Center and there’s lots of talk of the coming Hooley! Then our old pal Cyril Regan drops by to once more to plug The Victory for Vera fundraiser at Gaelic Park next SundayLots of deceased peeps on the show today as well for our weekly whine from the ghost of our old pal, Jimmy Goff, when he says through the mist, “Hey Houli….who died?” We also have some fun reading an old love letter that PJ O’Dea sent to Princess Diana back in the nineties and the response to PJ from Buckingham Palace. Funny stuff, tune in!