Podcast: September 17, 2016

Flood Brothers Disposal presents The Skinny and Houli show and we’d like to start off by wishing Skinny a very Happy 70th Birthday. He doesn’t look a day over 69! Our first guest this week is Consul General , Orla McBreen. After 13 months here, Orla has been promoted to work for the Department of Public Expenditure Reform back in Dublin. She looks back on her time here and recalls some of her favorite moments as Counsel General. She also discusses the 1916 rising and some of her family connections to it. She has some really interesting stories to tell us. We wish her the best of luck in her new job! Our second guest is our good friend, Eamonn Vaughan from Vaughan Hospitality. One of Eamonn’s pubs, The Emerald Loop, is sponsoring our 2nd Annual Irish American Movie Hooley so be sure to join us there after each film screening. He tells us about his journey moving here from Cork in ’84, the first pub his family opened here and his experience growing up in Chicago. It’s an honor to hear his stories! Our third and final guest is the owner of our weekly venue, Lizzie McNeill’s, Johnny Wrenn. Johnny tells us about the Sister City of Chicago Galway Committee and some of the events they have coming up. A pleasure to have him on the show! As always, Skinny and Houli tell us about the upcoming events and we have our weekly segment, ‘Who Died?’. A show full of great craic and great guests. So don’t miss it!