Podcast, Saturday Nov. 3, 2018

Flood Bros. Disposal presents The Skinny & Houli Show and this week we welcome our friend Bridget “Booty” McGuire to the show to talk about her burgeoning career as a comedienne on the stand-up comedy circuit. One of the many shows Booty has appeared on is titled, “Don’t Quit Your Day Job!” and she tells us stories of bouncing from show to show in search of discovery and stardom. She’s a very funny young lady. Then we turn the show over to a group of Irish gals from Cork, in town for the big rugby match on Saturday, they’ve been in Chicago all week bouncing around and spreading their good cheer. Finally, their leader, or at least the most outgoing of this very rambunctious crew, Bernadette O’Keefe, sings a Christy Moore song to take us out, and she does so brilliantly. Up Cork!