Podcast Saturday May 26, 2018

Flood Bros. Disposal presents The Skinny & Houli Show and this week we welcome our old pal Billy McGann, who owned The Beverly Woods restaurant and bar for many years, the family business. Billy gave a terrific eulogy for our friend the late Jackie “Action Jackson” Casto at the funeral and we had to bring him back to do it on the air. Radios were tuned all over the south side to hear this show, including a packed bar at Ken’s on Western Ave. where an afternoon of memories and stories on Jackie held forth into the early evening. What a guy! Also on the show this week, Mike Sheahan, Skinny and Houli’s insurance guy and son of the notorious “Johnny Vegas”! Mike entertains with stories of pitching insurance, including the woman who accidently face-timed him while exiting the shower! Don’t miss this show!