Podcast Saturday April 28, 2018

Flood Brothers Disposal presents The Skinny & Houli Show and this week Houli is out sick, recovering from an episode of vertigo that kept him off balance all week. As Houli said, “Yeah, where’s that Kim Novak when I need her?” Skinny’s brother, retired adult film star Johnny Vegas, steps into the lurch and fills in ably with his scrawny brother. On the show this week are two representatives of Division 59 of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Terry Cornell and Joe McGovern, both from the south side. Terry and Joe fill us in on some of the great history of the AOH and its roots in the Irish Catholic community as well as the role of Catholic education that was the framework for the entire Irish emigrant community when they came to America in the latter half of the twentieth century. Johnny Vegas and Skinny are both products of that Catholic education as well and both can attest to how the nuns slapped them around on a regular basis, because “we deserved it!” Tune into hear more from the Sheahan brothers and for more information on the AOH Div. 59 and learn about joining, go to www.aohchicago59.com