Podcast: Oct. 13, 2012

Eavesdrop on The Wednesday Wiggle with Skinny and Houli at Lizzie McNeill’s. Our first Wiggle of the year and it’s a doozie, featuring international recording star and traditional Irish singer Paddy Homan as he favors us all with a song and a couple funny stories about how he got started in Ireland as a ring announcer for the fights in Cork City. Paddy promotes the upcoming Maurice Lennon Fundraiser and urges all to attend next Saturday at The Abbey and Nov. 4th at the IAHC. Visit www.mauricelennonfundraiser.com Then we visit with Steve Barrins and his wife Colleen to hear about the upcoming St. Christina fundraiser at Bourbon Street. And Tommy MacDonald makes a surprise pop in at Lizzie’s and joins the lads for some wisecracks. Tune in and you will immediately feel like wettin’ your whistle!