Podcast: Nov. 17, 2012

Classic Skinny & Houli Show. It doesn’t get any more local than this folks. Skinny’s brother John “the Head” Sheahan, AKA “Johnny Vegas”, and “Southside Johnny”, sits in while Skinny calls in from Florida. You’ll be treated to many stories from John including his days owning the saloon “Olde South Side Pub” at 111th and Western featuring characters like Bernie Bruckner, County Mayo’s Tom McMahon, Richie Doyle, Ghostbuster Richard Crowe, Noreen Linnane. Mary Gilligan, Doug Hayes, and more on Monica Fox’s real estate listing, “The Chalet”. You won’t want to miss Skinny & John’s Thanksgiving story when they were kids and took their mother’s turkey down to their basement and worked it over with their fists and a baseball bat at the suggestion of their cousin Jack Wright. Lots of laughs in this very “intimate” episode of The Skinny & Houli Show! Tune in, you will be glad you did.