Podcast: May 31, 2014

Chicago Fire color commentator Kevin Egan was just standing in Lizzie McNeill’s with a pint in his hand when Skinny & Houli recruited him as the opening guest on the show. They recognized him from his cover photo on the May edition of The Irish American News.

Kevin is from Dublin originally and is also the founder of “Hop The Pond”, an organization designed to make the transition to Chicago for J-1 students from Ireland a lot smoother than years ago; finding them jobs, housing, and organizing activities that will keep them out of the wrong parts of town.

Then gorgeous Irish fiddler and and dancer Katie Grennan stops by to give us a preview of The Skinny & Houli Return to Ireland tour. Katie is the tour special musical guest star and if you’re lucky enough to join the lads in October you will discover the pleasure of her company. See the photos on Facebook!