Podcast: May 25, 2013

Skinny & Houli welcome actor/sewer rat Barney Farrelly to the show as he promotes The Gaelic Park Irish Fest this weekend and also tells tales of his early days in Chicago and his adventures on the stage over the years at Gaelic Park. Barney fits right in with the lads when he mistakenly calls Skinny by the name Houli and then corrects himself by saying, “Excuse me, I meant ‘Ugly and Uglier”! Skinny responds to Barney “Hey you’re no oil painting yourself.”  Very funny show today! Then Houli reflects on his 35 years of marriage as he nears his anniversary date this week and tells Skinny about his wedding day when his best man Jack Whalen tossed a champagne bucket out the window of The Plaza Hotel and almost crowned one of the horses pulling a handsome cab. This is classic Skinny & Houli-a very funny show so please tune in!