Podcast: May 18, 2013

Mike “Pickle” Joyce sits in for Skinny, who is out this week due to plastic surgery. Pickle is the renowned boxing legend, founder and owner of Celtic Boxing Club as well as Leo HS boxing coach and he is spending the summer promoting the Police Athletic League boxing program to keep kids out of trouble.

We’re visited by Vicki Quade AKA “Sister”, author and producer of LATE NIGHT CATECHISM, celebrating their 20th year run in Chicago. Vicki has donated over two million dollars to religious orders of nuns over the run of her show. “I always get a parking spot!”  Vicki does such a great job as “Sister” that she scared Pickle almost speechless with memories of the nuns who whacked him with rulers at St. Cajetan’s. Don’t miss the special 20th anniversary special performance of Vicki’s show on May 29th.

Then singer/songwriter Matt Andersen joins us with news of his upcoming gig with The Friendly Folk Fest at The Friendly Tap in Berwyn on June 1st. Matt favors us with a song, “Quite a Life” and the sound is melodious! Houli finishes the show with his Mercedes Benz joke and Skinny will be back next week with a brand new set of cheeks!