Podcast: May 14, 2016

Flood Brothers Disposal presents The Skinny and Houli show where we start off this week’s show looking back at the busy week the guys had attending events around the city. We welcome Ned Hughes, the first lay president of Mount Carmel, to the show this week. But not before Skinny and Houli lead him in with the school’s fight song. Stick to the day jobs, guys! All 3 of our guys look back fondly on their positive experiences at the school and share some great memories of the place with us. Ned, from Arlington Heights, attended the school from ’66-’70 and he fills us in on the future upgrades and renovations to be made to the school while he is President. If you wish to make a contribution to these upgrades, you can visit http://www.mchs.org/s/1249/15/start.aspx.

As always we have our “Who Died?” segment, and our “Who Cares?” segment has all the latest in celebrity gossip. In our monthly segment, ‘Today in 1916′, we hear some stories about the men and women who fought for freedom 100 years ago. What a treat to listen to! All the upcoming summer events are listed and don’t forget to get your tickets booked by May 31st for our annual trip to Ireland. A fantastic show this week with a lot of looking back on school days!