Podcast: March 30, 2013

Skinny’s brother in law Frank Moster died in New Jersey so Paddy Houlihan, AKA Son of Houli, sits in for him again this week. We welcome the gorgeous Sara Martin, her dad John Martin, and Jimmy LoGiurto from Chicago Are Alternative Education League, (CAAEL) as they celebrate their 36th year of helping troubled kids. They’re doin’ good in the hood! Then we go through a litany of shout-outs from across the globe, Mary Feeney in Tipperary; Mike & Ann McKenna Seidita in NYC, and Tommy MacDonald in Costa Rica. Skinny & Houli are international!  Some wild “Who Cares?” and a very close to home, “Who Died?” and more news about the Irish American community at work and play in Chicagoland.