Podcast: March 3, 2012

It’s a rip roaring doozie of a show as Skinny & Houli stumble closer to St. Patrick’s Day. Appellate Court Justice, Aurelia Pucinski joins us as we talk about her current campaign for the Supreme Court.

Then we’re joined by Sara Collins, Queen of The St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and her court, Bridget Fitzgerald, Mary Kate Casey, Lauren Catinella, and Lauren Corry for some laughs with the old guys.

Lots of parade talk, both downtown and the resurrection of the Southside, and your typical “Who Cares?” and a lengthy “Who Died?”, because Skinny is back in town and people are droppin’ like flies.

Join us to celebrate their lives, and yours and ours on The Skinny & Houli Show.!