Podcast: March 23, 2013

Skinny recounts accusations of “fixing” the drawing for the person who gets to put the dye into the Chicago river turning it green on parade day when his assistant Bridget Conway won the coveted spot. Then the lads are joined by Evergreen Park Mayor Jim Sexton, who contracted  West Nile Virus last July and has recovered after 7 months of rehab and a loss of 65 lbs, as he visits via phone and tells of the generations of his family living in Evergreen Park. Jim has an election coming up on April 9th and all encouraged to Punch 11 for Mayor Sexton. Some delightful music from Finbar Furey and Mary Black and then Skinny & Houli go “hyper-local” with southside stories of Limerick men and the Irish Scratch Sheet of “Who Died?” Skinny laments the death of the father-in-law of his pal Lips Kwan and tells tales of his mother “Mrs. Lips”. Next week‘s guest will be Sinead O’Connors barber!