Podcast: March 11, 2017

Flood Brothers Disposal presents The Skinny and Houli show and this week, we have a very special show with many distinguished guests for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities! Our first guests are the Mayor of County Cork, Seamus McGrath and Former Mayor and councilor, John Paul O’Shea. Seamus became a father to a baby girl 2 weeks ago and it’s his first time in Chicago. These two chat about the importance of Special Olympics, the strong relationship between Cork and Chicago and their plans for the time that they’re here. Our good friend, Paddy Homan, briefly joins us to sing ‘The banks of my own lovely Lee’ for the two visiting Corkonians. An unexpected treat! Our next guests are the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Queen, Maura Connors, and her court. The ladies tell us about where they work and study and Maura gives us an insight into their busy schedule for the next few days. Our final guests are Vice Consul General, Ragnar Almqvist and newly appointed Senator, Billy Lawless. We’re very honored to have Billy join us and he tells us about the importance of tourism in Ireland, American companies stationed there and some of the changes he’s fighting for since being appointed to the Seanad. He also has some great stories from his childhood to share with us! Ragnar tells us about the Consul and what’s going on Parade weekend. He and Skinny also chat about the Polar Plunge that both of them took part in. A show full of good ole’ Irish fun and banter!