Podcast: June 28, 2014

Skinny & Houli welcome newest sponsor Ed Napleton Honda in Oak Lawn.

Then veteran prosecutor Peg Ogarek from the States Attorneys Office honors us with an inside look at the Natasha McShane case. Peg and co-counsel John Maher convicted the weasel who cowardly attacked Irish J1-student and her friend Stacy Jurich four years ago, resulting in a 90 year sentence for the villian and 22 years for his female accomplice who copped a plea. Peg takes us thru the case and the fascinating story of the great police investigative work and complicated legal maneuvers that led to the convictions, including how they flipped the woman accomplice, the brave testimony of Stacy Jurich, and the monitoring of the jail house phone calls of the offender which implicated him in the attack. Peg calls it “the most interesting case I’ve ever done” and this show is not to be missed. Tune in to hear one of the heroes of our city and her tale of how Chicago’s Irish community came to the aid of these young women and their families.