Podcast: June 25, 2011

Tune into the Skinny & Houli Show today and get an earful of mobologist John “Bulldog” Drummond as we chew the fat with the legend himself and discuss

Tony Arcardo, Weasel Ryan, and other Chicago hoodlums. We’ll also be riffing on the Whitey Bulger capture, an extended Who Cares, and details of the most famous stunt by the dead Jackass star. If that ain’t enough, we’ll be making plans for our live show at Jack Desmond’s Irish Pub on Friday, July 15th at 6PM. Make plans to join us now for that one because that night will be a doozey. We’re calling it a “Hooley with Skinny & Houli”. So join the fun today at 3;05PM or hit the podcast right here at skinnyhouli.com.

Ssssseeeeeeya later bye!