Podcast: June 21, 2014

We welcome new sponsor Ed Napleton Honda to the show this week!

It’s Professor night at the Skinny & Houli Show as we welcome Northwestern’s Dr. Tom O’Halloran and Roosevelt’s Dr. Paul Green. O’Halloran is working on a cure for cancer and Green is a working on a cure for narcissism in politics. Both are vastly entertaining. Paul Green is also Chairman of the City Club of Chicago and gives us his take on the upcoming elections. His book “The Mayors:The Chicago Political Tradition” is in its 4th edition.

Tom talks the intellectual muscle of Chicago and promotes the upcoming fundraiser for cancer research, The Goombay Bash. Paul comes up with the best line of the night with this observation on barristers, “The British lawyer learns to know the law while the Irish lawyer learns to know the judge!” This could be our classiest show to date!