Podcast: June 18, 2016

Flood Brothers Disposal presents The Skinny and Houli show and we have a very musical show for you this week. The Green Meadow Boys are touring the local counties and they stopped by to play us a few old Irish classics. The band is made up of Nick, Dave and Bill from Lake Forest and Skinny and Houli have some stories of that area and the 4th of July parties they used to attend there. Our presenters look back on the successful Trip to Ireland information night at The Cork and Kerry Pub. Tickets are still available (ireland@gofiplomat.com)! Our second guest is Ashley Fields, the Marketing Director over at CBS. Ashley tells us a little about her job and about her co-worker and friend of Skinny and Houli, Mitch Rosen. We loved having her on the show! Our usual segments ‘Who Died?’ and ‘Who Cares?’ are featured this week along with the upcoming events in the Irish-American community. We get a brief history lesson in the ‘This week in 1916’ segment. A great show this week, folks!