Podcast: June 18, 2011

Happy Father’s Day everybody and please tune into listen to Skinny and Houli interview the daughter of one of the most famous fathers of all time, the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali. We were lucky enough to catch up with Rasheda Ali while she was here visiting her hometown of Chicago. Rasheda lives in Las Vegas with her two boys and husband, Southside Bob Walsh. She was visiting her twin sister Jamillah who is married to our pal Mike ‘Pickle” Joyce, boxing coach at Leo High School.

Rasheda has written a book for kids about dealing with a parent or grandparent who suffers from Parkinson’s disease and she has become a spokeswoman for Parkinson’s research. You can read more about her book and her work at www.rashedaali.net Her dad is still going strong in spite of his battles with Parkinson’s and we wish the champ a very Happy Fathers Day.

Speaking of cool websites, check out www.ali.com, Rasheda’s dad’s home on the net.

Also lots of laughs on “Who Cares” this week and Skinny tells a very funny story about his cousin John “Rocko” Ryan, who was Houli’s eighth grade basketball coach and his story about disciplining the young hooligan.

We’re also joined by another new sponsor on today’s show, Cork & Kerry at the Park, just a pop fly from Sox Park and a Southside tradition since 1988. They join our great roster of sponsors including Flood Bros. Disposal, Jack Desmond’s Irish Pub, O’Rourke Cartage, Lizzie McNeill’s and Reilly’s Daughter. Four pubs as sponsors, think there’s a pattern here? Well they’re all great joints and none of them have to compete with each other because they’re all over town. So please patronize them when you’re in their locale and don’t forget to have O’Rourke Cartage do your shipping and ask Flood Bros. to pick up your garbage.

Happy Fathers Day and thanks for listening, see ‘ya later, bye!