Podcast: June 11, 2016

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley where this week Bill starts off by telling us about his first union meeting. This week’s million dollar idea stems from that and it’s Paddy’s idea of setting up the International Union for discriminating Oatmeal lovers. We’re sure that will take off! Things get serious when the guys fill us in about how Facebook may be listening to our everyday conversations through our phones. It’s Big Brother kinda stuff! It’s Clay’s birthday week and he tells us how he celebrated. Happy Birthday, Clay! We get our usual updates in Politics, Celebrity Gossip and Sports, with focus on Chicago Baseball. Poker, the great Mohammad Ali’s passing and a script written by Clay and Paddy are some more interesting topics of discussion this week. We have our monthly segment, ‘This week in Ireland 1916’, to end the show with a little taste of Irish history. A nice mixture of serious and funny conversation this week for you all to listen to!