Podcast: June 11, 2011

Hi everybody, tune in for another trailblazing radio extravaganza as the Skinny & Houli Show welcome Mike Danahey, co-author of “Chicago’s Historic Irish Pubs”.

Mike’s book, is a look, back at the history and hilarity of some of the legendary Irish saloons throughout the years and it’s packed with photos of the bars we’ve all probably had some of our greatest nights at in Chicago. We’ll talk with Mike about his adventures writing and researching the book as he visited a host of taverns all over the Chicagoland area. It’s the perfect book for all you Skinny & Houli listeners.

We’ll also be having some laughs at Congressman Anthony Weiner’s expense as we delve into his pecadillios on “Who Cares”. Supposedly Barbara Walters was very impressed with Weiner’s….uh…well his wiener actually!

So tune in or catch the show, right here on the podcast and join us for another hour of Skinny & Houli hijinks and thanks for listening. Don’t forget our great sponsors Flood Brothers Disposal, Jack Desmond’s Irish Pub, O’Rourke Cartage, Lizzie McNeill’s Irish Pub, Front & Social and our newest sponsor our old friend Boz O’Brien at Reilly’s Daughter in Midway Airport.

See ‘ya later bye!