Podcast: July 8, 2017

Flood Bros. Disposal presents The Skinny & Houli Show as we welcome back old friends, father and son Irish filmmakers Dave and Colin Farrell. The Farrells will be screening their latest film, FINGAL’S FINEST at Irish Fest over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday. The film tells the story of Irish patriot Thomas Ashe who led the 5th Fingal Battallion in the only victorious battle of The Easter Uprising. Ashe was killed in 1917 when he was force-fed during a hunger strike. This year is the centennial of his death and the Farrells capture his courage and nobility in surrender after being given the final order from Padraic Pearse. More info and the trailer are available at http://www.tilemedia.ie/fingalsfinest/ The Farrell’s are also currently working on a project on artist Thomas O’Shaughnessy, who designed the historic stained glass windows in Old St. Pat’s church in Chicago. Skinny and Houli also promote Katie Grennan’s debut in Chicago with Gaelic Storm Sunday night at Irish Fest and talk up the pilot for OUR IRISH PUB starring Katie that shoots Tuesday, July 11th at Lanigan’s Irish Pub on the south side. Katie is scheduled to appear next Wednesday night at Lizzie’s on The Skinny & Houli Show in addition to joining the lads this fall in Ireland and the Hibernian Transmedia pilot of OUR IRISH PUB. Next week is “Katie Week” in Chicago!