Podcast: July 6, 2013

Skinny & Houli head into the 4th of July weekend with panache.

Skinny calls in from his cookout headquarters in Long Beach and Houli chats with old friend Kathy O’Neill from the Irish American Heritage Center, who drops by the Wednesday Wiggle to talk up next weekend’s Irish Fest at the Heritage Center, July 12-13-14, the best time a family can have in Chicagoland. Then Kathy’s boyfriend Mark Piekarz warbles a bit of “Leavin’ of Liverpool” and Kathy helps out with “Who Cares?” Delightful J1 Dublin coed Niamh Flynn says hello and encourages all to see her at Lizzie McNeill’s all summer with the rest of her J1 pals who work at Lizzie’s.

Don’t forget our Thursday night party at Cork & Kerry for the sign-up for The Skinny & Houli Ireland Tour-first pint is on CIE! Great Craic, be there!