Podcast: July 23, 2011

Fresh from a raucous night last week at jack Desmond’s Irish Pub, Skinny & Houli return for a behind the scenes peek at the motion picture business in Chicago. We talk “show biz” stuff with City of Chicago Film Office Director Rich Moskal. Paddy Houlihan joins the show today and Skinny calls in from a charity family golf outing in New Jersey. Moskal tells us how super hot starlet Megan Fox overplayed her hand and put her career in the toilet while sharing anecdotes of being on location last summer for “Transformers IV” along with stories of the best films shot in Chicago over the last twenty years.

Paddy brings “Who Cares” to a new level of apathy and we plot our next remote taping for August 19th at Cork & Kerry at the Park in Bridgeport, when we’ll roll out some skinny and houli for “Elvis Night” at the Sox game. Tune in!