Podcast: Jan. 14, 2012

Skinny and Houli talk national politics with internationally renowned political strategist and pollster, Mike McKeon, the pride of Joliet, Illinois. Whether working on Illinois gubernatorial campaigns or advising on election skits for Saturday Night Live, Mike has done it all. McKeon gives a master class on social media viral campaigning vs. old style buying TV time and declares the “ruling class” of politicians who have reigned over the last 50 years as “dead”. Tune in to hear Mike McKeon’s take on the Republican Presidential primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire, and beyond. Politics is the greatest sport in Chicago and if you are a “sports fan” you won’t want to miss this show. Along with the usual shenanigans in “Who Cares?” and the ceremonial bow to those who’ve gone west in “Who Died?” today’s show is a seminar in windy city prophecy, prediction, and prognostication!