Podcast Hibernian Radio, Sat. Jan. 19, 2019

Podcast Sat. January 19, 2018

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal and Mike Haggerty Buick/GMC/Volkswagen present Hibernian Radio in this our third episode. Show is starting to hit its’ stride tonight as we welcome Sgt. Eileen Guest, CPD retired after a thirty-year career fighting crime in Chicago. Eileen tells some great stories, including what it was like being a 22-year-old young lady joining the force and being one of the few women in her district and the challenges she faced in the job. Looking back, Eileen tells us she “loved every minute of it”, particularly the camaraderie of her fellow police officers. We discuss the sad state of affairs for cops these days with a culture of anti-cop sentiments promoted by politicians and the news media. Eileen is an articulate veteran of the police and she tells us plenty of funny stories, but in her wisdom, leaves out the tragedies. She still works as a Sgt. for the Dept. of Aviation and admits, “it’s in my blood”. We learn more about Eileen’s career in Irish music, her grown sons, and she leaves us with “God bless the men and women of The Chicago Police Department.”

Shout-outs this week once again to Twisted Shamrock Irish Pub, Barney Callaghan’s pub on Western, Celtic Boxing Club, and The Irish American News. Then we travel to “Houli-Town” for some “Who Cares?” and a trio of jokes in that vein. Great show tonight thanks to lovely Eileen Guest and her honesty and wisdom. Tune into this one gang, and tell your friends! Saw Doctors take us out with “To Win Just Once”.