Podcast: February 3, 2018

Flood Bros. Disposal presents The Skinny & Houlil Show as we welcome back Mike Courtney and his Over The Side Band to the show. Mike owns The Twisted Shamrock Pub and he’s one busy guy, also promoting his friends in South City Revival Band featuring Joe Pacellie and John “The Lawman” Quinn. These three guys brings a great sound to the show this week, all original tunes with Joe’s voice calling us back to the timbre of Tom Waits, Springsteen, and others but uniquely his own. The lads perform a variety of tunes, starting off with Houlil favorite, “Lazarus of Beverly”, which reminds him of the late, great Jimmy Goff. Looks for these guys later this month at Barney O’Callaghan’s on Western Ave, for their Third Annual Whiskey Jam. With Skinny returning next week, Houli gets in his last licks on a pure “Who Cares?” riff and relishes every bit of it. Then back to a couple more tunes from the boys. Great show today, great music too!