Podcast: February 25, 2017

Flood Bros Disposal presents The Skinny & Houli Show and we’re thrilled about the return from Florida of the great Skinny Sheahan after a physical absence of almost three months! Houli recaps last week’s show with the lovely Michele McGuire and her Cubs song, plugs our upcoming show on March 15th at Reilly’s Daughter, and tells some raffle stories, and the time he gave George Clooney handsome lessons! Then we listen to some music of legendary piano accordion All-Ireland Champion Jimmy Keane, who will be playing with another of Chicago’s great accordion players, John Williams, for their duo concert, “The Mighty Squeeze” on Sat. March 4th at Chief O’Neill’s. The lads give us some “Who Cares?” and “Who Died?” so Skinny remembers how great it is to be back in Chicago.They talk up their yearning for Harrington’s corned beer, now available at Jewel, and listen to more music from Jimmy Keane. Lots of lively banter between the fellas this week, so don’t miss this show as we welcome Skinny home!