Podcast: February 11, 2017

Flood Brothers Disposal presents The Skinny and Houli show and we’re joined by Skinny on the phone again this week. He talks to us all about the shenanigans he’s getting up to in Florida, about Lady Gaga’s Superbowl performance and he also fills us in on the upcoming event to honor Chris Kennedy on February 27th. All proceeds go to Special Olympics and for more information visit sochicago.org. Our guest on this week’s show is Chicago Fire Department Paramedic Field Chief, Patrick Fitzmaurice. Patrick works on the West Side and he has been working on the job for 43 years, with 5 years as chief. What a guy! He tells us some insane stories about what hes seen on the job including a 12 year old being shot and killed, a dangerous fire he responded to and when he himself got too close to shootings. It’s extremely interesting and insightful to listen to him! As always, we have our ‘Who Died?’ segment and Houli fills us in on the important upcoming events. We also hear ‘Kevin Barry’ by The Irish Brigade this week. Be sure to tune in to hear Pat’s unbelievable eye witness accounts from his 43 years on the force – you can’t miss this one!