Podcast: December 24, 2016

Flood Brothers Disposal presents The Skinny and Houli show and we’d like to begin by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! Our first guest this week is our very good friend, Father Tom Hurley from Old St. Pat’s (http://www.oldstpats.org/) in the West Loop. Father Tom has been working at St Pat’s church for 13 years and he tells us what’s coming up at Christmas there. The craic between these three is great and they share many stories together! Father Tom tells us about some of the refereeing he does for the Catholic League and he gives us a brief history lesson on the church. Our second guest is singer and musician, Paddy Homan. Paddy discusses the importance of hot toddys during the winter, growing up in Cork and his work as a caregiver. We’re always delighted to have him on the show with us and he sings some Christmas tunes for us! We have our usual ‘Who Cares?’ and ‘Who Died?’ segments and Paddy sings us out this week with his beautiful rendition of ‘Silent Night’. Another great show this week, folks!