Podcast: Dec. 14, 2013

Skinny & Houli welcome All-Ireland Champion fiddler Liz Carroll to the show to talk about her new CD “On the Offbeat”, lizcarroll.com, and hear her tell stories of growing up in Visitation parish on the Southside with her brother Tom and Irish parents. Liz performs several tunes from the new CD and even favors the lads with a composition she wrote about her days at Viz, “On The Boulevard”.

Then Joe Ahern of The 100 Club and Brian Rowland from Safe Haven talk up their concert next Wed. night Dec. 18th at Holy Family church starring Irish tenor John McDermott. Proceeds from the concert will benefit The 100 Club and Safe Haven, great organizations that benefit the families of cops, firefighters, and veterans. Buy a ticket to their show and help somebody out this Christmas! Next week Eamonn & Peter Brady celebrate Christmas with Skinny & Houli.