Podcast: Aug. 3, 2013

Skinny & Houli welcome singer/musician/Guinness girl Kathleen Keane to the show today and it’s serendipity. Kathleen has just returned from Rio where she performed for Pope Francis at World Youth Day. Lots of Papal talk with Kathleen and she tells us she will be playing for the Pope again in Rome in October. Houli tells Kathleen that Skinny has never been to Rio but there are rumors he once had a Brazilian. Ouch! Kathleen asks the lads all about their upcoming trip to Ireland and after the show she agrees to join Skinny & Houli in Ireland as our tour musician! More info on The Skinny & Houli Tour to Ireland with Kathleen Keane is available on this website and in this month’s Irish American News. Kathleen also plays a couple tunes on her fiddle and penny whistle and wows the crowd at Lizzie’s, as she no doubt will do on the trip to Ireland in October. Join us!