Podcast: Aug. 24, 2013

Skinny & Houli welcome the cast of “MUSIC MAD” which returns Sept. 1st for an encore run at Chief O’Neill’s on Elston Avenue. Producer and writer of the show Adam Whiteman tells us how he researched the life of the great Chicago Police Commissioner Francis O’Neill and how O’Neill saved Irish music for generations to come. Kathy Cowan beautifully sings the signature song from the show, “A Harvest Saved” and she is joined by musicians Sean Cleland and Jim De Wan. Then Tim Sullivan favors us with a song, “The Bold Teddy Quill” and charms his way through a scene from the show as the blind piper Haggerty. This is a fun preview of a great historical musical drama that has returned to Chicago. Then Sean and Jim take us out with “MacFadden’s Handsome Daughter”. ‘Tis a lovely show this week. It’s Music Mad!