Podcast: Aug. 23, 2014

Skinny loses his way back after golfing so Houli flies solo on this one as he welcomes old friend Kevin Egan from Hop The Pond, along with Dermot Walsh and Jim Sheehan. These three young fellas from Ireland have formed Atlantic Sound Music Festival here in Chicago, which will be Thursday, August 28th and Friday, August 29th at The Elbo Room. Their goal is to introduce America to some of Ireland’s hottest bands, like The Hot Sprockets and Cold Comfort. For tickets go to Hop the Pond or the Elbo Room. Great to meet these young Irish entrepreneurs as we listen to Cold Comfort perform a tune and we wish them the best.

After some Who Cares with our producer Billy Wooten we welcome old pal Tommy Finnegan, a 15-year veteran of the Shannon Rovers, on the show to tell some stories. Great craic all around this week, Skinny you missed a great night!