Podcast: April 9, 2016

Flood Brothers Disposal presents The Skinny and Houli show where the guys are a little confused about this weather. The first guests are Barry and Wyn Sullivan who tell us all about their son and brother, Declan, and the Declan Drumm Sullivan fund set up in his honor. All proceeds go to Horizons for Youth, an organization that focuses on providing support and help for families who can’t afford their children’s education. They have their annual event, ‘No ordinary evening’, coming up on April 23rd at Navy Pier. Tickets can be purchased online. When the guys learn that Wyn is a First Year Med student, they ask for some psychiatric help. That ship sailed a long time ago for Skinny and Houli!

Irish producers of the 1916 film ‘A Terrible Beauty‘ call in from Dublin and tell us about their new video project ‘Stories from 1916‘. “A Terrible Beauty” returns to The Siskel Film Center Friday April. 15 & 17th. The Farrells plan on producing a feature documentary focusing on Irish America during 1916 and we can’t wait to see that! One of Houli’s partners in crime tells some interesting stories about him from back in the day. As always, we’re updated on current affairs in ‘Who Cares?’and who has passed ‘Who Died?’.This week is a jam-packed show with great guests and great craic!