Podcast: April 6, 2013

Skinny returns from New Jersey and the lads welcome Leo High School President Dan McGrath and Development Director Pat Hickey, both guys from ‘da old neighborhood. Leo alum Ed Whalen, class of ’62, heard the Lions would be at Lizzie’s that night and makes a surprise appearance for a quick beer and quicker exit. Dan tells the story of Leo student Miles Turner, who was gunned down when his cousin was killed last October and is now on the mend and hopes to make it to the prom. We hear how Cardinal George counsels recalcitrant boys at Leo and Pat Hickey claims Anwar Sadat picked a trio of Leo alums to turn around Egypt before Anwar himself wound up like young Turner’s cousin. We get a special musical package from Danny Quinn, a huge lineup on “Who Died?” and learn more than we wanted to know about Justin Bieber’s monkey in “Who Cares?” Skinny & Houli announce details of their trip to Ireland in October and invite everybody to join them, (call Cathy Featherstone at847-542-1439), and then McCormick Place Concierge Marty Mullarkey cuts up with the boyos.  ‘Tis a great show and that’s no Mullarkey!