Podcast: April 20, 2013

It’s Rosie night at Lizzie McNeill’s as Skinny and Houli welcome Mary Kay Marmo, director of Chicago Rose of Tralee. But first we remember the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. Skinny brings special insight because he has run the BM over a dozen times. In addition to his running, Skinny averages 3 wakes and a wedding every week! Big shout out for our trip to Ireland in October and then we meet Chicago’s reigning Rose of Tralee, Margaret Rose Keating, and funnily enough, The Official Skinny & Houli Rose of Tralee, Bridget Conway.

The gals give us the lowdown on the upcoming selection coming next Saturday night (April 27th) at The Irish American Heritage Center where Skinny & Houli will emcee the event, everybody is invited, and the fun starts at 7PM. Skinny relates a phone call from his brother John who is still mad at him for all the “cyber-bullying” he went through as a kid in the Sheahan house. We’ve got “Who Cares?” and “Who Died?” and we want to see you all next Saturday night at the Heritage Center for Chicago’s Rose of Tralee selection!