Podcast: April 13, 2013

Skinny and Houli congratulate Evergreen Park Mayor Jim Sexton on his re-election and Tim Desmond on his election as Oak Lawn Trustee and all their other friends who were elected last week. The lads welcome musicians Aislinn Gagliardi and Teresa Shine as they tell us stories of their Irish musical roots and then play some gorgeous harp and fiddle.

The audience at Lizzie McNeill’s loves it!

Then our old pal, Peter Nolan, author of “Campaign” the definitive book on Chicago’s 1983 Mayoral primary election drops by and tells stories of how much he loves happy hours in Florida and his upcoming book tour schedule. We also feature some excellent “Who Cares?” and plenty of entries from the Irish scratch sheet, and tell folks how to see video of Skinny dancing like crazy on freecraic.com.