Houli’s Hooley Podcast Sat. April 6, 2019

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal & Mike Haggerty Buick/GMC/Volkswagen present The Houli’s Hooley and the lads are spreading their wings to fly with: Mayoral Recap, Eddie Burke, Last Man Standing, “Unite the Gangs-Free Nachos for Everybody”, Pink Floyd-Welcome To The Machine VS George Harrison-I Got My Mind Set On You, Pit Bull, Bill’s Lori Lightfoot impression, Final Four, No Duke!, Who is sneezing?, Bill picks Michigan State to win, Mayoral Winner Lori Lightfoot soaks her feet in McCann’s Irish Oatmeal after the election, White Sox Opening Day, Bill’s Sox Preview, Clay driving to Florida with three kids under 5 and a woman, Clay flips out at a roadside Waffle House, doing his Southern guy accent and giving his kids cracker names, Bill-“Do you like that?”, Working on the street vs working in office, Russian Sales School, 8th Grade basketball reunion coming up, enough with the sciatica, VR Oculus Headset, Virtual Food Mists, NASA and politics, writing a Broadway musical for Lori Lightfoot, Dennis-The Generational Ice Cream Man, The traveling bodega on wheels, egg rolls and cokes, googling yourself, and Welcome to the Machine!