Houli’s Podcast: October 15, 2016

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley and our terrible trio begin this week’s show by looking back over their past week’s adventures including Clay’s trip to LA and Bill’s new car. In sports this week, the guys focus on the success of The Cubs and their nationwide fans but Clay is standing strong with his prediction that “The Cubs will not win the World Series”. Only time will tell, Clay! In politics, the guys address the Trump ‘locker room talk’ and Billy Bush’s role in the controversy. Clay has a great idea on how to decide who should win the election – 100 yard dash, winner takes all! Now there’s a million dollar idea! Halloween is just around the corner and our trio discuss their old costumes, trick or treating and ‘Spirit’, the costume store. Billy’s cobbler, the Second City actors’ controversy and the global clown scaring problem are just some of the other topics that the guys chat about. And of course, we couldn’t have The Houli’s Hooley without the hilarious impressions! So go on and have a listen!