Houli’s Podcast: January 14, 2017

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley and we’re in for another hour of shenanigans on the show! It’s been a busy week in politics with Obama’s farewell speech in Chicago and the preparations for Trump’s inauguration. Our hosts dish out their best Trump impressions and discuss some potential modern outfit ideas for today’s politicians. This terrible trio tell many stories including Paddy’s trip to an interesting performance art exhibition in his early 20s and Bill’s story about a car theft incident while at Marquette. These guys’ craziness unfolds with every story! Paddy does a live stream on Facebook during the show and they discuss the upcoming excitement for U2 to go back on tour. Social media addiction, the 1985 movie ‘Teen Wolf’ and Paddy’s next addition to his “uniform” are just SOME of the other ridiculously funny topics of conversation this week. We hear music by U2 and to play us out on this week’s show, we hear ‘Win in the end’ by Mark Safan. Another great show with our hilarious trio this week!