Houli’s Podcast: June 25, 2016

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley and the guys start off by looking back on their Father’s Day shenanigans. We’d also like to start out by wishing Clay a very happy 3rd wedding anniversary. This week, the guys focus mostly on Sports. Derrick Rose’s trade-off, Ireland’s results in the UEFA, Ireland’s upcoming rugby game in Chicago in November and many more sports stories are discussed throughout the show. In fashion, we learn about what accessories go with what hairstyle and we hear all about how Paddy has finally converted to wearing shorts in the summer. This week’s million dollar idea is about a movie where Keith Richards is a champion golfer. We’re not too sure how successful that will be! Breaking world records, Taylor Swift vs Guns n Roses and deadly robots are all topics of discussion and we have many more where that came from. We hear some music by The Pulsers and we have a listen to the official 2016 Irish Euros Song. A quality show this week, folks  so be sure to have a listen for yourselves!