Hibernian Radio Podcast, Sat. March 18, 2023

Alamo “Duke” Lynch

Fox’s Pizza, Guinness, Big Corner Tavern, Madden Funds and Flood Brothers Disposal present the Hibernian Radio Hour as we return to our First Responders Tour at our new recording location, Big Corner Tavern, and this week we welcome back one of our favorite guests for the 11th time, James “Duke” Lynch AKA: Alamo! Alamo is a U.S Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran and a retired 39 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. He is a South Shore native who attended St. Philip Neri School and Lyons Township High School. This guy is a man of valor, Bronze Star recipient, having lost both knees in the war and still returning to combat after his recovery in Hawaii. It’s no secret that Alamo is a devoted fan of John Wayne, admiring him so much that he had to repeat the 5th grade because he skipped school for a full month to go see “The Alamo” 60 times in the theater.. He even took time off work to attend John Wayne’s funeral and managed to find his way into the private section where he rubbed shoulders with celebrities like Jimmy Stewart and James Arness.  This Chicago legend has been awarded more awards than we can count including the Friend Indeed Award for carrying two children out of a burning building as well as housing his neighbors after another fire. He spent 15 years as a bodyguard to Mayor Richard M. Daley and grew up in a police family – his father and grandfather were both cops. Last time the Duke was on the show, he discussed his battle with Stage 4 cancer and we are so happy to learn that he has been given the all-clear! “Miracles happen everyday!” He is very hopeful for the future and is looking forward to his first trip to Ireland next month. He and Houli discuss James’ 41 years of sobriety, how he wasn’t too sick with the chemo and the fact that he has been putting on weight again which is a very good sign! “I feel so good!” Alamo then delves into some stories from his CPD days including responding to a ‘shots fired’ call in Englewood where a guy killed his entire family of 6 and shot at Duke, grazing his face. He tells Houli about meeting Maureen O’Hara and Patrick Swayze. He even had a line in Swayze’s movie, “Next Of Kin”! The ‘woke’ movement and how it’s infringing on all aspects of life is a hot topic, especially surrounding the Oscars. The power of prayer, mortality and their views surrounding death are some of the heavier topics these two pals discuss this week. “They’ve gotta do something about cancer!” Duke goes on to thank his wife, kids and grandkids for their support during the past few months and he remains very hopeful for his future. “Our prayers have been answered!” – Houli. We can’t wait to have our old pal back for his next appearance to tell us about his trip to Ireland. Houli then gives a big Happy Birthday to his sons, Paddy & Billy and shares the funny story surrounding their birth. We head over to the recent obituaries followed by a final trip to our favorite place known as “Houli-Town”. We’d like to wish everyone a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us here a Hibernian Radio!