Hibernian Radio Podcast, Sat. March 11, 2023

Patty Casey

Fox’s Pizza, Guinness, Big Corner Tavern, Madden Funds and Flood Brothers Disposal present the Hibernian Radio Hour as we return to our First Responders Tour at our new recording location, Big Corner Tavern, and this week we begin by taking a moment of silence for Chicago’s latest fallen officer, Officer Vasquez Lasso, who was shot and killed while on duty. We send our prayers to his family, friends and fellow officers. Houli then introduces this week’s returning guest, Patty Casey. Patty is a retired 32 year CPD veteran who grew up in St. Ita’s parish and attended St. Gregory’s High School. She worked as Commander of Youth Investigations and oversaw 4 units in different locations including the Juvenile Intervention & Support Center which has since been disbanded. She is a true Police family Matriarch and it’s safe to say her family’s blood runs blue – her husband, daughter and two sons are all cops! Her youngest daughter has Special Needs and she explains how she taught Patty many skills that she was able to use in Peer Support as well as on duty. She shares the story of meeting her husband who grew up in Ireland and shares how she always knew she wanted to be ‘the police’. Patty first began working on the west side, before moving onto the Gang & Tactical Team where she did some exciting undercover work. This legendary lady has a very impressive resume including working in Violent Crimes and in the Special Investigation Unit. Patty states, “there was a time when people respected the police.” and Houli agrees that “there is no fear anymore..”. Even in her retirement, she is still working to help fellow officers as a Board Member for Bank the Blue.  “We are concerned about the mental health and wellbeing of police officers, especially in today’s climate.” She mentions how cancelled days off as well as working extended hours can wear on our officers and cause great suffering. She is dedicated to helping and understanding young victims and offenders as well as ending the stigma behind mental health within the Police Department. Both Houli and Patty encourage any officers listening to ask for help if they’re struggling and you can reach out to Bank The Blue. Patty states that “crime is running rampant..” due to the lack of prosecution in court and she explains how the car jacking sprees are directly related to juveniles’ records being expunged after a certain period of time.

Patty Casey and crew

These two pals go on to discuss their mutual respect for Paul Vallas and how he has CPD’s best interest at heart. Patty discusses the importance of working hard for what you want and continues by sharing some highlights from her extensive career with a special shout-out to some of the officers she mentored who developed into great officers. Patty also mentions the warmth she received from some citizens, such as the time a child ran to give her a hug and told her she was her hero. It’s very clear that she has a deep love for helping people, particularly our younger citizens as well as offenders. When asked if she misses the CPD, Patty replies by saying she does miss it but “I don’t miss the hours!”. These two pals delve into many serious topics on this week’s show including how Lightfoot divided the city during her time as Mayor as well as Superintendent David Brown’s recent resignation. Patty has a very impressive resume including working in the Detective Division and Supervisor before becoming Commander. She works as a Peer Support Member where she meets and helps CPD families who have a family member with Special Needs. This lady is an exceptional woman with a huge heart and we’re honored to have such a distinguished guest back with us on Hibernian Radio! Houli brings us up to date on some upcoming local events including musical duo, “Where’s Paddy?” who will be playing at Reilly’s Daughter on Thursday, March 16th and Houli himself will be there to welcome them – Don’t miss it! Then it’s over to the obituaries followed by Liam Durkin’s rendition of “The Fields of Athenry”. We head over to an extended trip to our favorite place known as ‘Houli-Town’ to end another great show at Big Corner Tavern!