Hibernian Radio Episode 2

Episode 2. Podcast Sat. January 12, 2019

Mike Haggerty Buick/GMC/Volkswagen and McCann’s Irish Oatmeal present Hibernian radio and this week we continue with our theme of honoring all our Irish First Responders. This week we welcome our old friend Neil Maas, a proud Viet Nam veteran and retired CPD homicide detective to the show. Neil is an eccentric guy and never fails to amuse as he tells us his story of getting shot in Viet Nam, taking the police exam a couple times, and the biggest case he ever worked on. It started with an explosion planted to kill a hard working husband who had no idea he was being set up. He was sent a VCR with a pipe bomb attached that blew the poor soul to bits and that triggered an investigation that took Neil all across the USA for over three years hunting the killer and eventually implicating the widow in the murder. It’s fascinating stuff and told as only Cornelius Maas can tell it. He also tells a tale of a quintuple murder he worked on the south side investigating as well as reminiscing with Houli about their day at Altgeld Gardens with the Irish TV crew from RTE. Shouts outs to our pals at Twisted Shamrock, Celtic Boxing Club, and Barney Callaghan’s this week along with some delightful “Who Cares” and a couple of zinger jokes, and some High Kings. Great show, tell your friends!